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The last day of the Phase 2!

Finally today is the last day of the Phase 2. People who has BMI more than 25, they feel satisfied with the meal plan for metabolic balance but for me as my BMI is 20, it has been a challenge to stick to the portion size. I must say I really can't wait for going into the phase 3 & a treat meal!

You can eat any foods you like just for one meal per week for a treat meal as long as you follow the specific rules.

I have been dreaming about my usual cooked food - nothing fatty or junky. Just having homemade roast potatoes, vegetable bean stews and cooked quinoa. As my plan has no grains, I am so eager to try what I used to eat and see how my body feels.

My aims and results that I want from metabolic balance is to get to the next level up of my health - feeling much more having an energy, mental clarity and feeling happy. AND I would like to wear the pair of jeans that I bought a year ago which was too tight for me to wear.

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