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Success Stories

Before I started MB, I was feeling unhappy and insecure. I was eating irregularly a lot of food with fat and sugar. When I was at home I ended up in empty all sugary food my wife usually buy for our daughter. I could not find any clothes I was comfortable to wear.

I found working with Kaori was very easy and approachable, easy to follow and very supportive any time via email, which was my preferred contact method.

The best thing out of the programme was I truly enjoy the food! Before I was just feeding my body.  I now really enjoy any meal!!!

For anyone who is thinking of trying MB, I must say you need strong motivation and a supportive environment around you to keep you focus. Kaori will do the rest!!!

This is definitively worth the investment - in six month I lost over 20kg. I learnt "how to eat" and I enjoy every meal. 

Kaori is extremely supportive and flexible to ensure you achieve your goal.

It's a life changing experience and I do feel much better, more confident in myself and I look 10 year younger! 

I'm proud of my achievement and I couldn't achieve it without the support of my wife and Kaori! Thank you!

Luca F

Metabolic Balance

I have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis nearly all my life. Kaori was recommended from a good friend of mine, and I started doing metabolic balance, in order to identify foods that are good and bad for me, aiming to reduce my inflammation and supporting my issue.


I had some reservations initially because I did not know the benefits that this would give me. In my case, I have been with the conventional medicines for years and I wanted to try anything that works and good for me within a realm of natural / complementary medicine to see if that helps my issue.


Working with Kaori is a delight. She is always very professional and knowledgeable.


I am feeling better, more energy and reduced inflammation.

I lost 7 Kgs and the inflammation was reduced by 70%. The follow-up sessions include a short kinesiology muscle testing to identify nutritional supplements optimise my metabolism. Now, as I have achieved my health goals, I am working with Kaori with Kinesiology which have been a great help!


For me, working with Kaori with metabolic balance and kinesiology has opened a new way to deal with my health. You never know this might change your life forever for better. I highly recommend it, so try it!

Jerusalen G

Metabolic Balance and Systematic Kinesiology

Before I started working with Kaori I had been quite unwell and really worried about my health, my age and my future. 

I had that awful feeling when you are close to 50 years old that you just can’t carry on the way you are.

I needed to change my life, but I wasn’t sure how. I was out of breath a lot, tired, sluggish and not terribly happy really.

I was worried I would cheat, I wouldn’t be able to commit and I would ultimately let myself down. I am usually pretty goal driven, but I had no idea what to expect and I was concerned that you would see me as weak if I didn’t stick to the rules so I was inevitably a bit nervous about the whole procedure. 


Much easier than I expect, although you were also much stricter then I had envisaged. I thought you were clear and direct and told me when I had made a mistake. But equally you were encouraging and I needed that. It is like having a good friend who also tells you what to eat. The plan/regime made it easy for me to transition. I found that most of the food on my shopping list was food I enjoyed so it wasn’t too hard. I was given tips on how to manage and felt that I can call you whenever I get stuck. 

Gosh that is hard to pick the one best result that I have got from working with Kaori. I am thinner, fitter, healthier, happier and very proud of myself. Maybe the best result is knowing I have the confidence to make changes to better my life.

This is one of the most inspiring experiences of my life, my co-workers, the mums at the school gates and my own children and family have seen the change in me both physically and mentally and I think it has really shown what someone can do to change their life with support and mentoring. 

I think anyone willing to take a leap of faith and change their lifestyle for the better is safe in your hands Kaori. I would not have felt comfortable with someone who didn’t understand that I live in a city, work hard and play hard. I was so worried I would have to change everything in my life but actually only a few things changed and they were easily manageable and have made such a huge difference.

Millie Kendall MBE

Metabolic Balance

Before I started to work with Kaori, I was very unhappy about my weight and the way I looked. I was also very tired all the time and more depressed than I let anyone see.

Initially I was not sure if it would work as well as it did and I was worried that I might end up all flabby (not!), and I was not sure if I would have the will to keep going. But I feel and look better inside/out every day!

I feel great and feel safe working with Kaori, as I can see that she wishes the best for me. she is very encouraging. I can talk to her about any issues/worries.

I can't name the one best result I have got from working with her as they are so many. I feel so much lighter - mentally and better overall.

Results speaks by themselves and I am recommending Kaori/Metabolic Balance to everyone that needs and wish to make a positive and long lasting change in their life.

This is the best gift I have made to myself. It;s safe, healthy and a great personal milestone.

Carmen Young

Metabolic Balance

Before working with Kaori, I was feeling very stressed out about my eating and weight. I was eating a largely gluten and dairy free diet, but tended to eat foods high in carbohydrates and sugar, leaving me exhausted. I also had a big problem with night binges, which I hadn’t been able to overcome despite help from various nutritionists and naturopaths.


Initially, I had my reservations about working with Kaori as I had had experience working with naturopaths and did not do well with strict diets, which made me anxious. I was worried that with more supervision and attention on my diet, my binges would become worse.


However, working with Kaori was stressful. I felt like she really listened to what I was saying, and as we worked on my nutrition and emotions, I stopped bingeing within 2-3 weeks of her program. I especially found her close support and real-life planning (for example, we would discuss non-ideal real life eating situations and ways to deal with them) very useful.


Kaori’s approach is not just nutritional. She gets to know you as a person, and she learns about your life and personality and that is how her coaching is so effective. It is both tailored and flexible.


It was enjoyable working with Kaori, as she provided me with a lot of encouragement and was ready for every curveball in the process – Kaori’s approach is not static, and the constant tweaks we would make to my plan, or the new skills she would teach me to deal with challenges (for example, emotional tapping) were very helpful.


The best thing I’ve gotten out of working with Kaori is the complete freedom from bingeing. This has brought me such peace of mind. I would say to those who are thinking of working with Kaori: Working with her is hands down the best thing I’ve done in years, and her help and friendship throughout the process has made my journey towards better health a rewarding one.


Be prepared to make difficult changes, but also know that you can expect much support from her coaching.

Thank you Kaori!

A Hussain

3 Months Weight Loss Nutritional Support Package

I have worked with Kaori for both nutritional therapy and kinesiology since 2012. I had so many symptoms from constant lack of energy and headache to weight issues and allergies.


I considered them as part of my life, I thought there was nothing I could do to change those health issues (that are so common but yet make people feel miserable) until I started to work with Kaori to tackle one issue at a time.


I initially chose Kaori for her experience and vast knowledge in nutrition and I trusted her since the day one. Later on I came to appreciate her even more: she is very caring and she is an attentive listener. Our appointments became the key in my recovery, not only for physical issues but also for emotional support.


We worked together to find the cause of a symptom and she advised on the best way to approach it, giving different options if possible (it is never a top-down approach with Kaori).

Kaori is never judgemental and this quality of hers allowed me to be open to share any concerns with her without feeling uncomfortable. I found this to be very rare and a gift.

I learned many things through my work with Kaori, not only facts about nutrition (which Kaori is never tired of sharing, even if I asked the same question more than once) but to take responsibility for my heath, to learn to listen to my body and work with it.


I consider myself very lucky to have Kaori in my life. She helped me in so many gentle ways. To me, she is the best practitioner and I will keep recommending her to whoever wants to improve their life, both physically and mentally. I believe that even people who do not have symptoms can still benefit from her sessions and reach a level of wellbeing that they did not know exist. Try them and you will be impressed with what Kaori can do for your health.

Claudia G

Nutritional Consultation & Systematic Kinesiology

Kaori makes a colonic session all seem natural!! I left every session clean and fully energized and feel much better the day after. Most importantly, Kaori is a knowledgeable professional that guides you to logically think about your eating habits and diet, and how it could affect not only your stomach but your overall health.

Susana V

Cololonic Hydrotherapy

I have had colonics with many different persons, namely 7 women, some of them using the gravity method and some of them using a machine. The best method is by far the gravity one. As for Kaori’s colonics, in each one colonic I had with her I got out more than what I got out if I were to add all the other colonics together. If you can get a colonic with her, you should be grateful.

Georgina G

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Once you have had Kaori, you will never go back to anyone else!! Her calm, relaxed bedside manner makes her a total find!! Kaori is thorough and makes the experience, not only therapeutic, but also enjoyable. Kaori’s nutritional knowledge and ability to understand the whole picturemake her a total gem. I can thank her for helping me on a bright path of healthy living!!

Jeannie M

Colonic Hydrotherapy

I don’t think many people have heard of kinesiology, let alone are familiar with it. I was one of them and its brief explanation of assessing problems and giving assessment by a muscle test puzzled me further but at the same time I was very curious and intrigued.


After the first session I was ever so impressed with its natural and yet effective methods and overwhelmed with the whole process of it – something I had never experienced and I was left wonder, ‘What was it, a magic or….?’ ”


“After a number of sessions, how I understand is that muscle strength is immensely affected with many factors such as the state of your mind and energy radiated by an object touching you. After all, your body knows everything going on in your body more than anyone or anything else so it makes perfect sense to me to ‘consult’ it for your problems and how to find a remedy for them.


Kinesiology doesn’t limit to physical problems like conventional Western medicine but, what’s fascinates me more is, it also reaches problems in your mind, whether conscious or unconscious. This approach matches to my personal belief that a perfect health is unity of healthy body and mind. I am so happy to have met kinesiology and can feel my body and mind are getting more balanced and happier session by session.

Yuko O

Systematic Kinesiology

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