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The first day of the phase 2!

I am now on the first day of the phase 2 which is a strict part of the programme and lasts for 14 days.

It is so nice to introduce different foods from my meal plans which have 3 meals with 3 different options. You need to weigh foods until you know the portion size of each meal.

I chose plain soya yogurt with fresh mango for breakfast.

Interestingly there is no cow's milk including cow's yoghurt but there are mozzarella cheese, cottage cheese and goats cheese are on my plan.

Once you start this phase, you must follow 8 golden rules. One of them is you must have minimum of 5 hour gap between meals, so NO Snacking! You must eat and chew food very slowly so that not just enjoy the taste of the food but also allowing the foods to digest and feel full!

When you feel hungry, you must drink water which also is mentioned in my plan how much water to drink daily.

I must say I really appreciate a taste of foods much more than before.

I felt hungry after 4 hours of eating my breakfast but I can clearly tell that this is not a feeling of craving. I was drinking water when I start feel hungry. We often forget if this feeling is thirst or hunger.

I have already felt that I am losing weight, my mind is much sharper and no dips of tiredness.

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