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What's Systematic Kinesiology?

Systematic Kinesiology is a totally holistic therapy using the body’s bio-feedback mechanism through muscle testing to gain information about the client.
The Systematic Kinesiologist monitors a client’s ability to hold their muscle against light pressure and looks for changes in their muscle strength.
Each muscle is related to an energy pathway called a Meridian and each meridian is associated with an organ. For instance, if a client comes with digestive issues, Systematic Kinesiologist will be testing the muscles that are associated with the stomach, small intestine and large intestine meridian, to assess the possible underlying core issues. It’s more likely that the body will reveal itself, pointing to where the most problematic area is through the muscle testing.
A muscle testing

Why have a systematic kinesiology session?

The beauty of Systematic Kinesiology is the session is led by a client's muscle response. This means that your body reveals where the most problematic area is and identify what helps to bring the body into the balanced stated.
In this way, each session is unique and it is attuned to your individual needs.

How a systematic kinesiology can help?


A Systematic Kinesiology can look at all four aspects of the problems: physical, chemical, emotional and energetic. These are all interrelated with your health issues and can create an energy imbalance.


For example, if your health issue is linked to the emotional aspects, no matter how much you take supplements or change lifestyle and eating habits, it may not be resolved as you are not addressing at the emotional aspect of your issue.


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Optimised Health

What are the benefits?


People have systematic kinesiology for a wide range of reasons. Some are looking for relief from the symptoms of IBS and other digestive problems, tiredness and hormonal issues. Others are looking for emotional help to overcome barriers that stop them from achieving optimum health.

A muscle testing

What Happens in Your

Systematic Kinesiology Session?


The client is asked to put their limbs in various specific positions in order to test and find a weak muscle. Once the body highlights the most problematic area, we help identify what helps the weak muscle to strength by testing and looking at the four aspects. After that, your session is focused on balancing your body. This includes specific body work, massaging specific points & energy reflexes, numerous Kinesiology techniques, evaluating possible food intolerances, various emotional techniques, nutritional recommendation and lifestyle changes.


A kinesiology session lasts approximately 90 minutes. The number of Kinesiology sessions required varies from person to person. Generally, a client can experience improvement within the first three to six appointments, although this may take longer, depending on the severity of physical or emotional problems. Once optimum health has been attained, regular appointments keep the body balanced and prevent further ill health.


During your Kinesiology appointment, you will be given a personalised programme of nutritional supplements to promote your health. These will be charged separately.

What's Next?


Please download a kinesiology consultation form. Fill it out as much details as possible and send it back to me via email 24 hours in advance of your appointment. 

Kinesiology Form


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