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Starting my MB journey

As I got my blood test results and my own personal MB plan, I am ready to start my MB plan.

I took my own body composition analysis using my Tanita scale, which tells me about my weight, metabolic age, fat %, muscle mass BMR, etc. I am so mentally ready!

For the first 2 days is Phase 1 which involves in a gentle cleanse.

I have to follow exactly what the cleansing eating plan says and you have options to have a colonic or take Epsom salt or oxypowder.

It was easy for me to take oxypowder, so I took 3 capsules for a few days for bowel cleansing.

I chose one of the options which is brown rice & apple purée.

Since I am allowed to eat foods but specific foods which you need to weigh, I didn't find it difficult at all to start the programme.

By the end of the second day, I am more than ready to face the Phase 2.

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