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What is

Food Intolerance?

Food intolerance is much more common than food allergy.  Some people can tolerate a reasonable amount of the food, but if they eat too much (or too often) they get symptoms because their body cannot tolerate unlimited amounts.

The onset of symptoms is usually slower and may be delayed by many hours after eating the offending food.  The symptoms may also last for several hours, even into the next day and sometimes longer.  

Why have a

food intolerance test?


The amount of people suffering with intolerances is increasing. Reports indicate that up to half the UK could be affected. As well as causing physical discomfort and misery, symptoms may impact on a person’s mental health and in many cases, prevent them from living a normal life. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis of the root cause can be a struggle.

Identifying the items to which you are intolerant is vital. You can then take steps to alter your diet based on your test result. 

How can a food

intolerance test help?

Here are some common symptoms of food intolerances. If you feel the food that you are eating making you feel unwell, bloating, weight gain, skin complaints or any other symptoms linked your foods, consider the test and find that what foods that are affecting your health negatively.  

What and how many

food items can I get tested?


Lorisian lab offers 3 different food intolerance tests

  • Lorisian 100 - Analyses your IgG antibody reactions to 100 foods

  • Lorisian 150 plus - Analyses your IgG antibody reactions to over 150 foods

  • Lorisian 200 Plus - Analyses your IgG antibody reactions to over 200 foods





Lorisian 100 food list

Lorisian 150 plus food list

Lorisian 200 plus food list

How to order a test &

what’s included in the test?


Please contact me which test that you want to order. If you are not sure, we can discuss which test is suitable for you. Once you decide the test and complete your payment, I will contact Lorisian lab and they will send you a test kit. Please follow the instructions of how to do the prick test and return your sample back to them. I will contact you once I receive your test result.

You will get a 20 minute skype session to discuss your result. This will NOT include your meal plan. If you would like a meal plan and nutritional support, please look at Digestive Wellness Package.

What's Next?


Please call me on 0789 1573 397 to discuss which test and package are the best option for you.

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