September 12, 2019

If you overindulged unhealthy food during the summer holiday, you may want to have a good cleanse and kick start a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Having a colonic session is one of the best ways to reset your mind and body, feeling cleansed and refreshed.

I am promoting a s...

It has been a few months since I have started to drink celery juice. I must say I feel good in general, enjoy drinking it and love the taste. If I need more energy or have a sense of pick-me-up feeling, celery juice has been very helpful to me. 

What was most helpful t...

This recommendation is for anyone who doesn’t have any particular health problems and is planning to have a colonic but wants better and easier outcome.

When you want to cleanse your body, it makes sense to avoid foods that clogs up in the large intestine. This build up...

Recently, I have been introduced to listen to the podcast of Medical Medium called Anthony William who has the unique ability to communicate with Spirit that provides him with extraordinarily accurate health information.

He talks about the amazing healing properties of...

Clients who want to see me for metabolic balance tend to have BMI which is more than 25 and have been struggling to lose weight and maintaining their ideal weight. 

The phase 3 is the period where they need to stay the longest until they achieve their goals.

One of the r...

Although I have been feeling great, having more energy and mental clarity is something that I didn't expect to have, I truly feel that this portion size is bit too unsuitable as I would need to start exercising when going into phase3.

I have decided to increase the port...

Finally today is the last day of the Phase 2. People who has BMI more than 25, they feel satisfied with the meal plan for metabolic balance but for me as my BMI is 20, it has been a challenge to stick to the portion size. I must say I really can't wait for going into t...

Today is the second day of the phase 2.

I feel that since the cleanse and eating the MB way, my digestion has started to change slightly.

This is a transitional period, so I expect some changes. I see that any changes happens in the body are good signs.

My body is so part...

November 24, 2015

I am now on the first day of the phase 2 which is a strict part of the programme and lasts for 14 days.

It is so nice to introduce different foods from my meal plans which have 3 meals with 3 different options. You need to weigh foods until you know the portion size of...

November 23, 2015

As I got my blood test results and my own personal MB plan, I am ready to start my MB plan.

I took my own body composition analysis using my Tanita scale, which tells me about my weight, metabolic age, fat %, muscle mass BMR, etc. I am so mentally ready!

For the first 2...

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February 27, 2019

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