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Phase 3 and Phase 4

Clients who want to see me for metabolic balance tend to have BMI which is more than 25 and have been struggling to lose weight and maintaining their ideal weight.

The phase 3 is the period where they need to stay the longest until they achieve their goals.

One of the reasons why I wanted to try metabolic balance was to find out what foods are for best my optimal health. Interestingly, there is no grains, milk and nuts on my list. The biggest challenge for me was to totally give up the grains. Being a Japanese, not having brown rice and quinoa can be devastating.

I stuck to the programme for 3 months, (I had more than one treat meal per day in a week), I am in the phase 4 which is the maintenance phase where I just follow the 8 rules for metabolic balance. I occasionally have grains once in a while but I do not have any real desires to eat them any more, as I feel so much better without them and I don't miss them at all.

I am sure I will be on and off the programme depending on my stress levels and how much time I have. Eating healthily is something that you need to make an concesious effort initially until it becomes a part of your natural routine.

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